Salma Merzoug - Line Aristil - Clémence Moudiongui


Salma Merzoug (part 1)

J Poon, K. (2013). Commodity fetishism [Illustration].
Lyokoï88, & Merzoug, S. (2015, March 21). Gros plan de la statue de la victoire [edited by Salma Merzoug] [Photograph with editing].
Reuters. (2015, June 06). Workers pack shoes at a Nike factory in Tangerang in West Java province. By raising wages and being more transparent about labor practices, Nike has been able to cultivate a better image. [Photograph]. Insider.
Bédat, M. (2019, December 11). A landfill full of donated clothes in Ghana [Photograph]. Harper’s Bazaar.*
Danziger, J. (2005). The world according to Nike [Editorial cartoon].

Line Aristil (part 2)

Martin, M. (2020, March). Fast Fashion Awareness: Motion Graphic [Photograph with editing].
Neumann, A. (2021, April). Model Marina Testino captured by Alexander Neumann for Vogue Mexico April 2020. The pileup of waste and garbage in several images serve as a reminder of the inherent tension between consumption of the latest fashion and damage to the environment. [Photograph].
Torches of freedom, a public relations campaign, aimed at encouraging women to have equal opportunities – including the right to smoke. (1929, March 31). [Photograph].
Ottilia, N. (2019, September). Vogue Portugal dedicates their September 2019 issue to Planet Earth, while answering series of questions such as: Is fashion sustainable, or where does all that not sold clothes go? [Photograph]. In Vogue Portugal.
Matoso, F. (2019, August). A Trashion Tribe [Photograph].

Clémence Moudiongui (part 3)

Lucas King performs the role of young Macklemore. (2011, July 20). [Screenshot].
’Cause Nikole Say So. (2013, March 25). Macklemore selling out his fight against commodity fetishism over a career [Screenshot].
Health and sanity question that surround McDonald’s image. (2011, July 4). [Detournement illustration logo].
Nike slavery, just don’t do it. Famous quote that subvertising around Nike usually use. (n.d.). [Detournement editorial cartoon].
Chaudhary, S. (2010, August 2). Coca Cola: the perfect example of the Society of the Spectacle [Detournement editing].
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