About The C C-19 Network

The Coventry COVID-19 Network aims to connect Coventry University researcher’s whose work specialises in or relates to COVID-19. The network will act as a forum to share research and resources as well as being a working group that aims to create platforms to disseminate COVID related research and to develop collaborations to potentially create future transdisciplinary COVID-19 related projects.

The network founders, David Beauchamp, Hannah Honeywill and Stacey Moon-Tracy are all postgraduate researchers within the Centre for Arts Memory and Communities, and they will be presenting an introduction to their own research and to the network at the Hootenanny. 

If you would like to join the Coventry COVID-19 Network, please send a 100-word profile that outlines your research to: honeywillh@uni.coventry.ac.uk This will be uploaded to this network webpage and the group will keep you updated about future meetings and events.

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