CU Construction Conference 2021

Exploring the Contemporary Issues in the Construction Industry

Key Themes

CCC 2021 will bring together researchers in construction and the wider built environment exchange their research results and address open issues in contemporary construction industry with an emphasis on dynamic and innovative built environment.

The aim is to enhance students’ knowledge and critical understanding of exogenous issues influencing the manner in which modern construction projects are managed and undertaken as well as research methodologies.

CU Construction conference stems from the need to thoroughly understand contemporary issues in the construction industry. The conference helps to breach the gap between industry practices and academic work. The conference will also help to supplement teaching, learning and assessment of research methods in postgraduate studies within construction project management.

The themes of the conference are presented below. The submissions must be submitted in English and they will be blind reviewed by scientific committees of the conference. The submissions will be reviewed by two anonymous peer-reviewers. The authors will be notified of the outcome of the review.

For more information please visit the “Instruction for Authors” section of the website (here) and “Conference Submission System” section of the website (here).

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