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Group portrait showing the 2nd Duke of Devonshire (left, in red), Lord James Cavendish (standing, in brown), Elihu Yale (centre, in purple), and Mr. Tunstal, lounging in a loggia with long pipes and wine, with an enslaved child, and children playing in the background


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Our research theme for 2023-24 is RaceB4Race

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Kanõ Naizen (1570-1616), Arrival of the Southern Barbarians (Nanban-jin) Screen

Winter Lecture

Coventry Premoderns are pleased to invite you to our Winter Lecture presented by

Professor Markman Ellis (Queen Mary University of London)

‘African Sensibility before Abolition: Ignatius Sancho, Francis Williams, and Phyllis Wheatley.’  

13 December 2023, 14.00 GMT, on MS Teams

All welcome!


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