Welcome to our new collaborative site for occupational therapists and students around the world.

This site is to share all things related to occupational therapy with our student cohorts here at Coventry University.  We are really excited to build a global network with our students, offering them the opportunity to understand occupation in all it’s diversity. 

We hope that this space will be a platform to access the wealth of experience, knowledge and skills of all occupational therapist irrespective of their working practice or place in the world, to contribute to the educational journey of the future generations of occupational therapists.  But also for them to share their own understanding of occupational therapy, so that we too can learn from them. 

It is about sharing the roots of our profession and how these develop through practice, research and theory. To interact with our students in a safe and supportive environment, sharing our passion for occupational therapy. 

What we are really what to do is learn together, to explore the dynamics of professional practice across the world and how occupational therapy is shaped by people, time and place.