CU Construction Conference 2021

Exploring the Contemporary Issues in the Construction Industry

Conference Programme, Booklet and book of abstracts

Download the Conference Proceedings

Download the Conference Booklet and Book of Abstracts

Download the Schedule for the Contributed Talks (Parallel Sessions)
– In the schedule of parallel contributed talk sessions, you will find the direct link to access the session that your presentation will take place with the details of the timing. You will use the “share content” feature in MS Teams and share the PowerPoint presentation file you would like to talk through in your presentation. For more information, please refer to this video from Microsoft How to share your screen in a Microsoft Teams meeting – YouTube or Share content in a meeting in Teams – Office Support (
– For the authors with multiple presentations, if you find any clash between your scheduled presentation talks please email us at

The conference programme of events is subject to change and may be updated.

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