About Us

The Coventry Premoderns research group within the Centre for Arts, Memory, and Communities brings together a dynamic community of postgraduate students, early-career academics and established scholars who look back to the past before modernity. Our objective is to collaborate and foster dialogue across and beyond traditional disciplinary specialisms.

Situated in the Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities within the Institute for Creative Cultures at Coventry University, Coventry Premoderns mobilise a broad range of methodologies and materialities in pursuing multidisciplinary research projects from classical antiquity to the early modern.

Coventry Premoderns co-ordinate regular conferences and public lectures, and our reading group and seminars provide opportunities to read and discuss work-in-progress in a friendly interdisciplinary environment.

While our research focuses on historical periods, our theoretical interests are contemporary and cutting-edge. These include postcolonial and decolonial studies; race; feminist materialisms; gender and sexuality; climate change; social justice; theories of embodiment; cultural and archival memory; posthumanism; and ecocriticism.

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