Premodern experts available for media consultation:

Professor Patricia Phillippy

premodern climate change, early modern women’s writing, and memory, mourning and commemoration in Renaissance England

Dr Alice Leonard

early modern literature, especially Shakespeare, early modern science, and the production of knowledge in early modern culture 1500-1800

Dr Ben Dew

the Enlightenment and the relationship between Britain and Poland (eighteenth century to the present)   

Kirsty Harrod

greek tragedy, gender in ancient Greece, gendered violence in the ancient world, and Greek drama

Dr Victoria Leonard

gendered violence in the past, ancient historiography, and women in higher education in the UK 1850-1950, particularly in Classics

Madeleine Bracey

early modern archives, textual cultures, and book collecting, early modern education, particularly Coventry early modern grammar school

Christopher Lillington-Martin

ancient literature, history and historiography of the Mediterranean

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