Presented here are some of the artistic realisations that have been directly informed by research conducted in the E2-Create project.

Embodied Machine

The dance piece Embodied Machine explores how the expressivity of a dancing human body can form the foundation for artistic creation in other disciplines. Embodied Machine experiments with the translation of some of the idiosyncratic movement qualities of choreographer Muriel Romero into other aesthetic manifestations, namely light and music. The ultimate goal is to endow light and music with the capability to act as abstract dance partners. This experiments have led to a piece in which Muriel Romero interrelates with avatars of herself that appear in the form of light and sound, presences that behave independently and with which it is possible to interact in a multi-sensorial dialogue. Embodied Machine has been performed at Mercat de les Flors in 2022.

Making-of Trailer for Embodied Machine

Artificial Intimacy

Artificial Intimacy is a duet for a human and artificial dancer. The artificial dancer possesses its own repertory of dance movements which it has acquired through machine learning from another human dancer. The artificial dancer responds to the human dancer by partially mirroring her movements while simultaneously choosing movements of its own. From this an intimate relationship evolves in which two human dancers, one present and one physically absent but represented by an artificial intelligence improvise with each other. The artificial dancer appears on stage both visually and acoustically. The visualisation displays the artificial dancer’s body as a a smooth surface that varies between a humanoid and amorphous appearance. The sonification is based on a digital instrument that simulates a vibrating surface. This instrument surrounds the artificial dancer and is played when touched by the dancer’s extremities. A website documents the creation process for Artificial Intimacy. The research project related to the performance is described on this site.

Artificial Intimacy – Choreographic Sketches – Excerpts


Strings is an audiovisual performance for an acoustic violin and two generative instruments, one for creating synthetic sounds and one for creating synthetic imagery. The three instruments are related to each other conceptually, technically, and aesthetically by sharing the same physical principle, that of a vibrating string. Strings been performed in a telematic format at the xCoAx conference in 2021, with two performers present in Germany, one in England, and the Audience attending online. The research project related to the performance is described on this site.

Strings live at xCoAx 2021

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