07.09.2022 – Encoding Embodied Creativity

Summary Encoding Embodied Creativity is an upcoming online Symposium that marks the conclusion of the E2-Create Marie Curie Fellowship. This fellowship explored through research and creation how choreographic methods can inform novel creative approaches in other artistic fields, especially those in which computational and generative techniques lie at the core of artistic expression. Several speakers… Continue reading 07.09.2022 – Encoding Embodied Creativity

25.06.2021 – ZKM – Panel Discussion

As part of the Next Generation Festival, the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) has organised a panel discussion entitled “What impacts does AI have on the creative process”. The participants in the panel discussion were: Claudia Jane Scroccaro, Irini Aravidou, Prof. Dr. Christoph Seibert, Dr. Olivier Pasquet, Dr. Daniel Bisig, and Prof. Ludger Brümmer.

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